Sleepaway Camp – Bottom Flap

David Movrin is a young VHS collector. He recently acquired a copy of Sleepaway Camp I never knew existed. Until he mentioned it. How is that possible? I don’t know. For me to figure out this release existed would have been a mere combination of common sense and detective skills, when combined, I obviously lack in spades.

He knew I was obsessed with Sleepaway Camp. He knew how much the movie means to me. And what does the bastard do? He sells it on eBay, of all places. Does he say, “Hey, sc83x, I will sell you this copy of Sleepaway Camp. Name your price and it’s yours. Maybe.” No. He lists it on eBay. I guess if I had been one of his geeky online VHS collecting friends, he might have hooked a brother up.

Those who pay attention know I have an extensive Sleepaway Camp VHS collection. Those who pay attention must realize that this turn of events has left me incomplete. I, nor will my Sleepaway Camp video collection, be complete until I get my hands on a Sleepaway Camp bottom flap.

The evidence.

Slimy bastard. That tape should have been mine.!



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