Fan Art

The Real Peter Baker +Peter’s face

The real Peter Baker face. Which also helps validate some peoples ideas that Peter was akin to a caveman.


I love fan interpretations. And I plan on building a fan art storyboard type thing from the combined illusions of fans.

by XtroTerrestial (Fri Dec 17 2010 12:41:21)

My assumption is that after the initial shock of learning Angela was in fact the killer and NOT a girl, the male counselor (forgot his name) managed to coax Angela/Peter to put down the knife. Afterward, “Angela”, talking in Angela’s voice says somethng along the lines of “I’m sorry about what Peter did”. Meanwhile, more counselors show up, some campers as well, staring in total shock and disbelief. Someone brings a blanket to cover the headless corpse of Angela/Peter’s latest victim. Just then the cop who was at the camp (the one with the fake mustache) comes over to see what happened. When he is told what happened, he places Angela/Peter under arrest, takes him/her to the cop car. Just then, “Peter” re-emerges, yelling “Ricky!RICKY! DON’T LET THEM TAKE ME AWAY! RICKY!” Then “Angela” again. She calls for Ricky too. Then Peter again, then Angela again. As Angela/Peter is being taken away, Peter let’s out more primal screams.

The next day, the story is in the newspapers. Camp Arawak is shut down, and that’s when the urban legands start.



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