Aunt Marthas House

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Someone sent me the address to Aunt Marthas house years ago. I was stunned to discover I lived only 45 minutes away from it. I was lucky to have someone drive me there so I could see it in the flesh. I’ll never forget turning onto the street, looking down the road as we drove closer, and saw the house in the distance becoming larger and larger as we physically zoomed in on this all too familiar house.
It felt like I was going home.

It was big, beautiful, majestic. Every house on the street paled in comparison. It was vivid, proud, historic. I would tell you that I saw rays of light surround this structure but that would be a figment of my imagination. To a hardcore Sleepaway Camp fan, this was like winning the lottery.

We sat in the car for a good twenty minutes. I took some photos from the car and I also got out and walked across the street to take some more photos. It was a beautiful spring day, which I usually detest, but this was no ordinary day. I imagined that Aunt Martha was somewhere in the house. I didn’t want to get to close, I’m no trespasser. But my brother chided me along to ring the doorbell. I don’t even remember walking from the sidewalk to the front door. It’s all a blur. But I did. And I rang the bell. Noone answered, which seems fitting.

A year later someone very important to me and to the ‘world’ of Sleepaway Camp came to visit me in New York. There was no question, no debate. He was going to Aunt Marthas house too. We drove up in a very cold and snowy February. It was a special trip. I wish I had taken it in more at the time, appreciated it more as it was happening. But I thought there would be more of those trips.


That second time I wasn’t as awestruck. It felt quite natural. Aunt Marthas house was literally in my back yard and I could visit any time I wanted.

Why would I want anyone to trespass upon that memory? To allow others the chance to visit that location as a result of my own doing never felt right nor does it feel right now. If fans get the address from another source, so be it. Nothing I can do about it.

It is also a private residence. And to be quite honest, I don’t trust many people and that boils over into Sleepaway Camp fandom. People still live there and I don’t trust fans to admire the house from a distance.

Sleepaway Camp is not Halloween. It’s not Friday the 13th. It’s a quaint little movie, special in its own unique way. It’s not mainstream. Quite honestly, the fanbase is not as hardcore as those other movies. Not as a whole. I would never publicize that minor filming location for these reasons.



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