Felissa Rose and her animatronic head

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I have heard a lot of ridiculous theories, speculations, and just plain untrue things regarding Sleepaway Camp. But this one takes the cake. It not only takes the cake, it eats it. I won’t out the source but someone out there actually believes it is an animatronic head growling at the end of Sleepaway Camp. Mind you, this source was a “retrospective” on the Sleepaway Camp series, which was supposed to be a plethora of information, valid information. Instead listeners were treated (cheated) to half hearted synopses, recycled IMDB data, and inaccurate statements regarding the special effects.

Someone out there also believes that a life sized mannequin was used to portray Peter at the end of Sleepaway Camp. A life sized mannequin. I guess what intrigues me the most about these wild speculations is that there is information all over the internet about Sleepaway Camp. One would think by the year 2011, one would know how the ending of Sleepaway Camp was filmed and what effects were used.

Felissa Rose was a mere thirteen when she starred in Sleepaway Camp. She was underage, a minor, a child. She could not take off her clothing and portray naked Peter. She wouldn’t have been able to anyway. She was a girl..

There was an open call for someone to play Peter. However, whoever that was had to have Felissas face. So a plaster mask of her face was created and the uncredited college student who was paid a small amount of cash to take off his clothes wore that mask.

It was a plaster mask. It was not animation, stop motion, CGI, or animatronics. It was a real body wearing a mask.

I feel this also adds creepiness to the scene. The mask didn’t quite fit the stand-ins face, which is why it sort of looks false, like a monster, a caveman.

Felissa Rose with plaster mask

Felissa Rose with plaster mask

Felissa Rose with plaster mask

Felissa Rose

College student wearing plaster mask



2 thoughts on “Felissa Rose and her animatronic head

  1. Hi good review um just wanted to know do you know where those noises that felissa makes at the end is that her or is that like some sort of recording?

    Posted by Socrates | December 29, 2011, 11:42 AM


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