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Sleepaway Camp goes to college

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I was so blown away by this. From a member on the Bloody Disgusting forum:

Austin Harris austin89126@hotmail.com


to me
What’s up? This is Austin from the BD fourm

Here’s what happened…

I was in a Gender and Sexuality in the Horror film class at the University of North Texas in the Spring of 2011. The class was taught by an awesome professor with a tremendous passion, like myself, for horror movies. We began with the history of the genre and worked our way up to present day, exploring the different sub genres & their gender and sexuality characteristics, themes, aesthetics, trends, styles etc. I was very excited to be taking the class and it was one of the best courses I took in my college career. We would cover a topic, screen a film that was chosen by our professor as an example and then discuss the film. We screened the original Sleepaway Camp in class during our discussion of 80′s slasher films as an example. I was able to get the director of Sleepaway Camp, Robert Hiltzik to do a Q&A through Skype with my class. I was able to get into contact with him through one of his daughters, whom I contacted via social media. I got into contact with her originally because I am friends with Felissa and her husband, Deron via social media as well. Deron is from a band called CKY and they use to feature Angela on the cover of one of their EP’s, as well as on t-shirts. I am a diehard fan of CKY and Deron was a big fan of the film and recommend it on CKY’s website. His love for the film eventually ended up in him and the band on Return to Sleepaway Camp’s set and they had a small cameo. Deron and Felissa met on set and the rest is history. So through Deron and Felissa, I contacted Hiltzik’s daughter and explained to her the class and everything and asked if it was possible to get Robert to Skype with us. I put her into contact with my professor and made it happen. We screened the film and then the following week at the beginning of class we got to do a Q and A with him. His daughter got it all set up as he was a little unfamiliar with Skype. We spoke with him for roughly 20/25 minutes and asked him various things about the movie from the wardrobe to the comedic dialogue in parts to the gore and kills. He was a very cool, informative guy and easy going. It was great to have him Skype with the class and we were appreciative that he took the time to do it and answer questions. I unfortunately didn’t make an A in the class, which was a little upsetting, because nobody else in the class got a cult horror films director to speak with us. Shoulda gotten an A!!!

so yea thats about the gist of it. If you are going to use my picture and comments, i’d appreciate if you would give me some credit on your site for the write up and picture. my name’s Austin Harris.

Robert Hiltzik on Skype



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