twisted and enlightened.

The perfect description for a hardcore Sleepaway Camp fan like myself comes from one of Sleepaway Camps star players, Jonathan Tiersten.

Earlier this evening someone asked me what governs my life. I said I’d be a fool to not mention Sleepaway Camp. Especially when summer comes rolling ’round and I catch a breeze of that summer smell, reminding me of the woods, camp, fires, soiled mattresses, dirty socks, underage cocks, butchered bodies, grainy VHS film footage, and the goddess herself Angela Baker. All these things inspire me. There are times I sit here willing something to emerge from deep within my soul. Something I might write about Sleepaway Camp, something I might not have said yet. But nothing comes. I can only sit here and think of it’s beauty and everything it represents, which to this day I don’t think I’ve been able to properly articulate.



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