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This is a great theory, that Sleepaway Camp was somehow a parody of horror movies, like Student Bodies. Unfortunately it is not true. Sleepaway Camp is a very serious film.

Also, this person has no research skills. If he had any he would have discovered that the players of Sleepaway Camp actually dabbled in daytime drama. Haters never know as much as they think they do, that’s for sure. This is his review, which isn’t very well written.

Sleepaway Camp (1983)
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a real howler, 27 September 2004

My friend and I have been holding bad film festivals for the last few months. Our latest “stinkaroma” consisted of “Leprechaun”, “Slumber Party Massacre II”, “Friday the 13th – The Final Chapter” and this film, the howlingly bad “Sleepaway Camp.” Where do I start with this “Friday the 13th” clone? Maybe the deliriously inept “performances.” I don’t even think these actors could make it on “Days of Our Lives.” How about the laughable dialogue and non-existent direction. The uniformally obnoxious characters, pitiful plot and amateurish editing? Or the stupid murder scenes? Death by curling iron? Whatever. I won’t even mention the atrocious ending. But the acting and dialogue are good for laughs and there’s a lot of scantily-clad guys. I might rent it again sometime, after I have recovered, in about five years. Avoid the sequels, which are even worse. Maybe I’ll choose them for my next stink fest. No Stars (of four).

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