It starts off slow, unsuspecting, a lullaby made of dreams and innocence. The change is abrupt, a gash in the psyche of a child. A traumatized mind becomes engaged in a nightmare of secrets, confusion, sexuality, the cruelty of growing up. Survival is discovered by splitting, self protection, a coping mind, a vengeful hand. Blood is shed as two selves reunite causing a powerful and unstoppable explosion. Identity and self preservation triumph over repression and captivity. Freedom is achieved.

The soul of Sleepaway Camp is captured beautifully and brilliantly by composer Edward Bilous. Oddly enough, this piece of music is edited and obscured in the actual movie. Close your eyes and listen for the first time to Angela’s plight. Listening to this was like watching Sleepaway Camp for the first time.


UPDATE: December 25, 2016
The above link leads to a dead page. A search for Sleepaway Camp on his official website turns up 0 results. Stupid.



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