I was 19 years old the first time I watched Sleepaway Camp. It was 1995. I have been obsessed with Sleepaway Camp ever since. Sleepaway Camp is in my blood like a poison. There is no antidote. I spent years watching Sleepaway Camp, analyzing Sleepaway Camp, and writing about Sleepaway Camp.

I created the first Sleepaway Camp website on the internet. It was 1998 and the internet was still novel. Sleepaway Camp was still a mystery. My website and the relationship I have with Sleepaway Camp parallels my mind. Chaotic, confused, and undoubtedly everchanging.



Currently, I have brought this website back down to basics. Because it’s all a fan really needs. A lot of unnecessary content has been removed. A lot of content has been made private. What remains is what I feel is most important.

Although, you don’t need a website to connect with Sleepaway Camp. You don’t need a website to learn about Sleepaway Camp. Watch it. Absorb it. Forget the “behind the scenes”, forget the websites, forget the internet, forget the fandom. All you need is an uncut copy of Sleepaway Camp to insert into your player of choice and an open mind.

I am a recovering Sleepaway Camp addict. I am happy to have shared my addiction with you.


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