Jealousy is a common theme in Sleepaway Camp. Lenny is jealous of John’s children. Aunt Martha is jealous of other mother’s who have daughters. Judy is jealous of Angela. Paul is jealous of Ricky. Artie is jealous of pedophiles who are successful with their child partners. In Sleepaway Camp, the jealousy is carefully camouflaged with sex. When in fact, jealousy has nothing to do with sex. It has to do more with love. And when you disect the jealousy in Sleepaway Camp, you find it is actually a result from some sort of love.

Take Judy for example. She was only jealous of Angela because Angela took Paul’s attention away from Judy. She wanted to be the sole center of attention at Camp Arawak. The sole center of sexual attention. But it didn’t work out that way now did it. She loved attention, especially male attention. Judy loved sex. Judy loved males. That’s the kind of love her jealousy derived from.

Aunt Martha wanted a daughter. She couldn’t have one so she made one. A horrible act committed against a child out of jealousy. But what kind of love did her jealousy derive from? She loved little girls. She loved femininity.

Lenny wanted John all to himself. No boyfriend likes to share their partner with their partner’s children. Trust me, I know. He allowed John to perish in front of his children out of jealousy of those children. If he couldn’t have John, they couldn’t either. Lenny loved John, which is where his jealousy derives from.

Paul is jealous of Ricky because Angela and Ricky have something better than a sexual relationship. They have a familial relationship based on years of loyalty and trust. They know each other. They have a history. There’s no bullshit between Angela and Ricky. It’s the “I got your back” kind of love. The sibling love where when it comes down to brass tacks, you don’t fuck with my family kind of love. Paul had no history with Angela. So he had to use the sex angle. That didn’t work out. He loved Angela as an object. He loved Angela with his penis, not his heart. That’s the kind of love from which his jealousy sprung.

Artie didn’t know how to properly seduce Angela, so his end was one of pain rather than one of pleasure. Artie loved little girls. Plain and simple. He wanted to have sex with them. His lust was a result of his child-love. He wanted to posess Angela physically because he already had mentally. That’s where his jealousy came from.

Jealousy leads to destruction, nothing else. Aunt Martha, we don’t know her fate. But we know the effect her choice had on Peter/Angela. Ultimately, she destroyed herself when she destroyed Peter/Angela’s mentality. Her plan to have a daughter backfired. She essentially lost the daughter she worked so hard to create. And rightfully so. Both Judy and Paul were killed. Their actions which were executed together as well as apart led them to their own end, their own destruction. Lenny’s jealousy wasn’t very fruitful. He lost John. He chose it, but in the end he lost the man he loved. Artie’s choice led him to his own demise as well. His love led to jealousy. His jealousy led him to his death.



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