In 1998 someone on the news group alt.horror posted information on an alternate version of Sleepaway Camp.

Nov 22 1998, 4:00 am
No, Sleepaway Camp has two versions actually. How the two came about is not known (at least widely on the internet).

The most obvious difference is the ending. Angela is holding Peter’s head in the more shocking one. In the other version, Peter’s head is on the ground and she is holding the knife she apparently cut it off with. (Though I always thought she bit it off when I had only seen the head-holding one).

One version also has an extended baseball scene and more usage of the “F” word apparently.

I can’t remember which is more common (I think the longer one with the head being held–it’s what I had) but I don’t think either one is that difficult to find, even though it’s out of print.

The problem with this? They were both released with the same box (from Video Treasures) with the same running time on each, so it is impossible to know what you’re getting without watching it. This is what is strange–almost as if there was a factory mixup that let out some prints that were not intended for release and were not fully edited.

And I really doubt that Sleepaway Camp was pulling a gimmick like the screen adaptation(s) of Clue. Speaking of which, does anyone know which version played theatres?


According to Felissa Rose, “There was absolutely no other ending than the one you saw in the film. In the original script that’s just exactly the way it played out. That’s it. There was nothing else. That’s exactly the way Robert Hiltzik intended.” and Jonathan Tiersten, “The baseball game was a lot longer and the scene where I am talking to Mozart was originally a lot longer. I told Robert that it was too long and that made it boring.” However, this recollection could be of the actual filming process, not the finished product.


When Anchor Bay Entertainment released Sleepaway Camp in 2000, the print they acquired for the release was cut and it also contained bizarre defects in regards to the audio and video. They were unaware of this but once they became aware of it, they released a statement that a recall was not financially possible.

Because of this incident, consider the Media and Video Treasures releases of Sleepaway Camp the definitive directors cut.



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