Sleepaway Camp has a badass sequel history. Two produced sequels, one unproduced sequel, one really bad remake disguised as a sequel, and possibly two sequels in the works during the coming decades. Sequels in the Sleepaway Camp world confuse me and I try to keep myself out of the sequel loop at all costs. So for information on sequel rights, I asked John Klyza.

Double Helix Films have exclusive legal sequel rights. They gave Hiltzik a fat cheque for those permanent rights. But now Hiltzik broke the contract to make RTSC by claiming on paper it’s a “remake” of SC1, not a sequel. Which is half true, in a way. Simpson and Gordon had no specific interest in doing another one in 2002, I knew their answer but thought everyone would be expecting the usual “yeah, I have a great idea!” you hear in gushy interviews and commentaries. So I was like “you guys happy to leave the story here?” in the SC3 credits, and they were like “Yeah”. Of course, they all came up with ideas at one time or another that would always make terrific sequels (Gordon’s ANGEL OF DEATH and Simpson’s SUMMER STALK).


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