II: Unhappy Campers (1988)

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers
Year: 1988
Writer: Fritz Gordon
Director: Michael A. Simpson

Official Synopsis
“I know a true story,” says 16 year-old Phoebe (HEATHER BINION). Phoebe begins telling about several grisly murders that occured six years ago at nearby Camp Arawak. “It ended up that the killer was this shy 14 year-old-boy that everybody picked on.” Suddenly Phoebe’s counselor, Angela (PAMELA SPRINGSTEEN), appears and demands that Phoebe immediately return to the girls’ cabin. Phoebe quickly finishes her story, then reluctantly leaves with Angela.

The next morning, Angela tells the girls in her cabin that Phoebe was sent home. “I know the rest of you are nice young ladies and won’t get into any trouble,” she continues. With Phoebe gone, there are seven girls left.

The following day, Angela begins her deadly campaign starting with the Shote sisters, a pair of drunken party girls. As more and more campers disappear, the head counselor, T.C. (BRIAN PATRICK CLARK) starts to investigate. Angela however, is ready for him and doses him with acid. Soon only Molly (RENEE ESTEVEZ) is left.

When Angela is fired by Uncle John (WALTER GOTELL), the owner of the camp, she kills him and seeks final revenge on Molly. As Molly realizes Angela’s terrifying secret, she must escape or become the final victim. Nobody told Molly that camp would be anything like this.

My initial reaction to Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers was extremely negative. Someone advised me to watch the movie again, as a movie, not a sequel. In doing so I discovered that it’s actually good. Definately USA Up All Night material. It certainly has a late eighties nostalgic quality. I’ve grown to love it.

It’s five years later and Angela Baker is back. She’s fresh from the nuthouse where she received crucial therapy and a sex reassignment operation. Yes, Angela is now officially female.

Pamela Springsteen takes over for Felissa Rose as Angela in this second entry to the Sleepaway Camp series, Unhappy Campers. Despite the genre change, Unhappy Campers succeeds in carrying the torch of Sleepaway Camp. There’s plenty of original kills, bare breasts, references to the original Sleepaway Camp, and lots of humor. You’ll laugh right along with Angela all the time cheering her on each time she offs another useless contribution to society. It’s just Angela taking out the garbage. And she does it well.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers doesn’t take itself seriously. So you don’t have to either.


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