III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland
Year: 1989
Writer: Fritz Gordon
Director: Michael A. Simpson

Official Synopsis
When transsexual psychopath Angela Baker attends a camp that brings rich and poor teenagers together for “an experiment in sharing,” Angela soon learns that about the only thing the young campers share is a tendency to be rude and crude.

Just a few minutes ago the inner-city teenager was walking to a bus stop, on her way to Camp New Horizons, a camp that brings rich and poor kids together for “an experiment in sharing”.

Now she’s running for her life. A hugh black garbage truck chases her down the street. Maria turns into an alley. The truck follows. There is nowhere for Maria to run. She screams just as the truck smashes into her at full speed.

Angela Baker (PAMELA SPRINGSTEEN), dressed very similiar to Maria, steps out of the driver’s seat. Angela dumps Maria’s body into the trash-filled truck, and with a quick flip of a lever Maria is compacted with the garbage.

The owners of Camp New Horizons, Herman (Michael J. Pollard) and his plump, pushy wife Lilly (Sandra Dorsey), give ther best smiles as television reporter Tawney Richards (Randi Lane) interviews them about they unique camp. Then Tawney turns to the six wealthy campers: Cindy, a beautiful yet bigoted Southern girl; Greg, a spirited Japanese boy; Peter, a pudgy black Texan who likes to shoot firecrackers; Bobby, president of his high school; Jan, gorgeous and spoiled; and Marcia (Tracy Griffith), a pert and pretty redhead.

But Angela has no trouble handeling the rowdy bunch. With an arsenal of knives, hatchets, explosives, rope, and several other terrifying surprises including an old lawnmower, she “gets rid” of them.

Pamela Springsteen (Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Reckless) re-creates her role as the off-the-wall killer Angela, and she is joined by Academy Award nominee Michael J. Pollard (Bonnie and Clyde, Roxanne), the hysterical Sandra Dorsey (Impure Thoughts), pretty newcomer Tracy Griffith (The Good Mother, Fast Food) and a whole host of obnoxious campers that you’ll love to hate!

Yes, Angela is back at camp. And she is ready to turn the teenage party ground into a TEENAGE WASTELAND…

Pamela Springsteen returns as Angela Baker, this time in disguise as a camper (she kills) for this third installment in the Sleepaway Camp series.

Two groups of teenagers from very different backgrounds are thrown together at Camp New Horizons for an “experiment in sharing”. At the helm are Herman and Lily, a married couple more interested in experimenting with laziness than bridging the gap between social classes.

Angela is done giving bad kids a second chance. She continues to rid the world of more trashy teens in even more inventive ways than the last time. She is tired and it shows.

Not as good as Unhappy Campers but just as entertaining. Simpson and Gordon proove it’s impossible to run out of original kills, bare breasts, references to Sleepaway Camp and Unhappy Campers, and even more humor.

Again, Teenage Wasteland doesn’t take itself seriously. So you don’t have to either.


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