IV: The Survivor (1992)

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor
Year: 1992
Writer: Tom Clohessy
Director: Jim Markovic

Tormented by nightmares, a young woman who lived through three previous sleepaway camp massacres returns to the site of the horrors under the direction of her psychiatrist. Soon, everyone she meets begins to die a horrible death; is someone stalking her or is she the killer herself? Jim Markovic produces and directs the Double Helix Films production, which shoots this coming May; Carrie Chambers, John Lodico and Victor Campos star.

Official Synopsis
Where Freddy’s nightmares stop, Allison’s begin. Allison (Carrie Chambers “Deadly Avenger”, “Karate Cop”) survived three “Sleepaway Camp” massacres, but selective amnesia blocks her memory. Only her nightmares remain, and her psychiatrist desperately tries to jar her memory in hopes of stopping Allison’s terrifying dreams.

When nothing else works, the doctor forces Allison back to the scene of her night terrors. Closed, forgotten, and decaying, the sleepaway campsite offers no help and only more horror.

First, Jack, the ranger (John Lodico) tries to forcibly seduce her. Allison repels his advances with a butcher knife, but gruesome flashbacks make her believe she could be the Sleepaway Camp murderer, who was never caught.

Next, unsuspecting Eugene, the hunter helps her survive a night of horrific visions, flashbacks, and nightmares. Only in the morning, when he discovers Jack is dead does he suspect that the woman he consoled is the woman who killed Jack.

Allison cannot accept reality and escapes into the woods. Gruesome flashbacks and horrible visions bombard her. She panics, and two campers, David (Victor Campos) and Annie try to calm her. But soon, they find another body, Eugene’s.

One of the three must be the murderer. Finally, David tries to escape, but an airborne dagger stops him in mid-stride.

Now there’s two women left. One is the murderer. One will be a victim. You can never escape Sleepaway Camp.

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