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Trans love, Sleepaway Camp style

It’s unfortunate that trans people are usually portrayed in unfavorable situations in film, especially in the horror genre.

A Reflection of Fear, Private Parts, Unhinged, Sleepaway Camp, and even 2000’s Cherry Falls. All deal with a trans person with psychological trauma which manifests as violent and deviant behavior.

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However, it is important to realize that these character’s are not deviants and psychotic because they are trans. In fact, they were already traumatized prior to their transition. In fact, they weren’t trans by choice, at least not in the traditional sense, therefore they can’t really be considered accurate representations of trans people.

Often in psychological horror the alternate self requires the transition between genders and is actually used to pacify the traumatized individual. The act of transitioning is needed to retain a sense of sanity and safety. In essence, the transition between genders is life saving, therefore making it a positive thing.

The idea of using the gender transition is not to portray trans people as psycho killers or demented deviants. Upon closer inspection, the usage of gender transition is imperative to the self preservation of each character who uses gender transition as a coping mechanism.

In fact, at the climax of each of these films, it is only when the transition is revealed, when the “mask” is pulled off, when the two selves meet, that all hell breaks loose and the character’s mental state is in absolute jeopardy.


This was sold on eBay from a personal collection. It’s Sleepaway Camp still wearing it’s original shrink wrap, complete with Media logo on the front of it. I can’t tell if this is a bottom flap or open bottom slipcase but who cares?? It’s still wearing the shrink wrap! A rare find.


Sleepaway Camp (1983) VHS ORIGINAL BOTTOM FLAP

For those of you who may not understand the significance of the bottom flap, allow me to explain. Bottom flap and side flap sleeves are usually first run copies of the original release of the title. The bottom flap slipcase has an opening at the top and the bottom. This ensures the tape itself can’t accidentally fall out of the slipcase. It also makes for a nifty collector’s item.

Then there is the open bottom slipcase sleeve which is the more commonly owned release. A bottom flap VHS of Sleepaway Camp is like orgasm. I’m ashamed to admit that even I do not own one yet. Looking for your own bottom flap? Look no further than eBay.

Norway VHS

I must have this, no matter what the cost.

Norway VHS sleeve


A Life at the Movies: Sleepaway Camp

Excuse me while I faint. Someone with a brain.. Someone.. who.. DIDN’T SAY SLEEPAWAY CAMP WAS A FRIDAY THE 13TH RIP OFF!.. Someone who said.. IT IS BETTER THAN FRIDAY THE 13TH…!!! The world must be ending, no question now.

“Sleepaway Camp is at least 10 times more enjoyable than Friday the 13th, which proceeded it by three years and more or less set the tone for the teen slasher genre. It is probably a hundred times more enjoyable.”

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