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Welcome Campers
Marc’s site, the first dedicated to the Sleepaway Camp series. No longer updated.

Sleepaway Camp Films
Formerly Sleepaway Camp: The Website. Updated.

Sleepaway Camp: The Website of Angela Baker
Typical site. No longer updated.

Peter Baker Presents Sleepaway Camp 4
“You’re probably wondering what the hell this site is about. This site is going to be about everyone here (as a team) to create our very own SLEEPAWAY CAMP 4! We want it to be the best Sleepaway Camp ever.” Those were the days. No longer updated.

Sleepaway Camp Cool
No longer updated but a refreshing entry for the Sleepaway Camp series. A touch of humor. Run by that campalicious girl I adore, Brenda.

The Sleepaway Camp Experiance
No longer updated.

Teenage Wasteland
A site dedicated to Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland. Reminiscent of the original Sleepaway Camp fan site ventures. I love this.

Angela from Sleepaway Camp FOR PRESIDENT 2004
A unique site. Title says it all. No longer updated.


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